Understanding what is important on your website design

by | Mar 16, 2018 | Articles | 0 comments

Did you know that the way your website is designed and built can have a huge impact on your search engine rankings? When internet traffic is so important to the success of your website, it is imperative that certain considerations are taken into account when creating your new website.  You can of course leave it to us, but we also like to share knowledge, so you can understand why we implement certain aspects into your website.

We have highlighted the important facts and wanted you to be informed and knowledgable in what impacts internet users the most.

Websites increase trust

Your website can increase a users trust of your company!
  • A massive 94% of users judge your company by its website!
  • Linking your website to social media improves trust.
  • Displaying logos of other companies you work with improves trust.
  • Testimonials improve trust.
  • Any kind of evidence on how you help your customers improves trust.

HTML5 increases traffic

Getting a new website made in HTML5 can double your page views.
  • Using the latest technology can greatly improve your website traffic.
  • HTML5 has the power to make your website more visually interesting.
  • HTML5 tells Google that your website is a modern build.

Layout of content is critical

The most important information needs to be placed in the most prominent position on your website.
  • Left to right readers focus on the top left section of your website.
  • Most visitors just scan headlines and the first bit of text.
  • Lots of content is important for the search engines, not the human visitors.

Calm colours increase traffic

The colour of your website determines its likability and improves traffic.
  • Green and blue websites tend to have more traffic than any other colour.
  • Red is a danger colour, so it should be used sparingly.
  • Green – 3% traffic increase.
  • Blue – 2% traffic increase.
  • Purple – 1.6% traffic increase.
  • Orange – 0.7% traffic increase.
  • Yellow – 0.1% traffic increase.
  • Red – negative traffic increase.

Faster sites increase rankings

The time it takes for your website to load can greatly impact how your website is ranked in Google.
  • Visitors are more likely to leave your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • If your webpage takes more than 4 seconds to load, it could potentially have a negative effect on your traffic growth.
  • More than four seconds increases bounce rate (people leaving your website quickly), this is bad!

Bullet lists hold users attention

Lists on your website should showcase vital information.
  • 50% of people will look at lists without a bullet.
  • 70% of people will look at a list with a bullet.
  • Styled bullet lists have the most impact.
  • Bullet lists with a graphical bullet are gold dust.