Event Booking Websites

Jungle Drums Websites has a magnitude of experience creating websites that are functional to your company.  Event booking websites can offer your customers a tool booking your events or services at any time of day of night.  As most thing in today’s technology, people like to browse online and book events and services instantly, at anytime of day or night.  Online purchasing is changing rapidly with online solutions and Jungle Drums Websites will offer you the fastest and latest simple website booking solutions.  Online ticketing technology has replaced the traditional ticketing to new and modern “virtual” ticketing kiosk right at your customers fingertips.

Jungle Drums Websites loves the challenge of developing an attractive event or services booking website, specifically designed for your company, with key modular functionality to keep the costs down. 

Control ticket sales for events and services

No third-party fees

Have you considered the benefits of selling tickets for events and services directly on your own website?  Jungle Drums Websites can develop an ecommerce on your website that sells tickets and makes full payments directly to your allocated payment system.  There are no fees taken from the booking, all profits are 100% yours.

Features of our ticket purchasing system
  • Bespoke design 
  • Simple admin control 
  • Promotion through your website 
  • Multiple ticket types 
  • Custom forms 
  • Attendee extras (vip, lunch etc) 
  • Email delivery 
  • QR codes check-in 
  • Free or premium events 
  • Optional attendee lists
  • Export CSV of attendees
  • Report generation on events
  • Attendee limitation
  • Ticket type limitation
  • Create different ticket types
  • No ticket fees
  • Ticket countdown on website
  • Mobile friendly

Is creating an event simple?

Full training and support options available

Creating a ticketed event or service is a simple process and is a step by step process.  An event can be as simple as a single ticket type on a single day with a limited number of places.  Or it can be large event with multiple ticket types, tablet friendly entrance control, QR codes and many extras.  If you would like your events managed, we offered a managed service.

No time for creating events?

We can manage your event and offer training for your entrance staff to scan tickets.

How much is an event ticket website?

Immediate investment for long term savings

Not only do you gain from cutting out the fee costs from using third-party ticket sellers, but you have the control to customise your events to create a perfect experience for your customers.  Overtime, your website will grow with past events and Google will recognise your evolving website.  Creating your ticket purchasing online also allows us to create custom landing pages that can be boosted with Facebook adds or Google Adwords.  Putting you in control of your online marketing and SEO.

  • Main website – from £1000
  • Event system – from £1000
  • SEO landing pages – £400 a page
  • News blog – £400
  • Facebook feeds – £300
  • Facebook events – £300
  • Managed event – from £200
  • Attendee extras – from £50
  • Homepage feature – £200
  • Extra ticket types – from £100
  • Custom registration – from £50
  • QR Code scanning – from £500

How can we help you?

We can bring your business a modern, professional website on a budget.  We will need a minimum input from yourselves, then you can leave the rest to us to create you a website that you can be proud of!

Why is your website important?

Websites are not just for gaining customers, but also for giving you a professional image to win the high quality tenders and customers looking for an exceptional service.

Our guarantees


We guarantee what we convey, and convey what we guarantee.  Continually endeavoring to surpass your expectations to build a future professional relationship.



Quality technology experts

Our affirmed web experts keep finding out about the most recent and forthcoming technologies, guaranteeing that our customers get quality, result-driven system.


Why choose Jungle Drums Websites?

Our clients have trusted us to deliver websites that dominate their competition, with minimal hassle or overhead on time and resources.  We will help you instruct us to create you a visually impressive and interactive website, no matter how simple or complex.  We like to deliver websites that outshine even the global competition for your industry.  We are not competitive at all...much!

We will smash your expectations

It is a great feeling when not only do you deliver everything you promised, but you also go that extra mile for your clients.  You can assure you will be looked after at Jungle Drums Websites and we will do everything possible to help and advise you not only throughout your web project, but also in your aftercare.  Every client is important to us.

Achieving your business goals

We listen to what you would like to achieve and the goals and objectives of your company.  The website and online presence is a powerful element to helping you accomplish your targets.  We will help you with ideas to keep growing your website functionality and giving your customers and potential customers a unique experience with your company.