Client Login Websites

A client login system on your website looks very professional and gives you the opportunity to offer your clients an online experience with your company.   It can save you time and money if a client can simply logon to your website to get the information or documents they require.  Client login areas on your website create a private and secure area of your site, that are secure for a particular client or clients.  You are in full control of your client logins and what they have access to.  If you do not have the time or resources to manage this, we offer a service to maintain or control this for you.

A private portal & login are created for each client, and all components & files are only accessible by you & your client(s).

What can a client login be used for?

Make your website work for you

A client login area can be useful to give your clients interaction with your company.  It is highly valuable and can pay for it’s self multiple times over.  It can offer a motor garage a way to show customers a timeline of what work has been done on there vehicle and when their MOT or service is due.  Or perhaps a private estimates and invoicing area where a customer can view outstanding invoices and pay directly online.  Another idea is to have a project management area that the client logs into to view the process of and drafts of an online project.  Or as simple as a photographer that wants to show a customer their wedding photo drafts.

Examples of client login area websites

Project development

Graphic or file samples can be posted to the clients area for comments from client.  Clients can also upload ideas or interact through comments.  Tutorial videos can be uploaded for the client.

Photo or gallery approvals

Give a client access to view private galleries to view and comment on the photographs or images.  Privately post invoices once they are happy with the gallery.

Real estate property

Give clients access to view details information on property for sale or a property development project.  Add photos, measurements, 3D tours, features materials, time scales etc.

Employee areas

Individual areas or allocated pages to groups of employees.  These areas could have company document and procedures or process documents for tasks.

Medical or beauty treatments

Allow your client to view a history or the treatments or procedures they have had done and a record of their payments and due dates for further treatments.

Online education

Allowed access to certain areas of your website with high value content in exchange for a paid one off or monthly fee.  These could contain instructional videos and documents.

Features of a client login area
  • Secure for clients
  • Client files transfers
  • Remote file storage
  • Customised invoicing
  • Client manager hierarchy
  • Client information control
  • Client specific posts
  • Client specific content
  • Manual or auto registration
  • Repeat item invoices
  • Send estimates to clients
  • Send files to client for feedback
  • Client activity alerts
  • Paid access areas
  • Time limited logins
  • SMS text message alerts
  • Share documents or files
  • Create client groups

Can I add pages to my website only clients can see?

Give clients special access to valued content

Yes, we can create pages on your website that only certain groups of clients can see or individual clients.  A client login area can be used to create their own information page with files or documents specific to them or give a client access to whole sections of your website.  It also has an in-built estimates and invoicing system.  Other features include client management or private staff pages.

Estimate and invoicing online system

We can create you a secure online solution for your clients.

What does a client login area cost?

Clients can safely download invoices

The cost of a client login area on your website depends on what you want the client to be able to access when they login and the functionality.  Client login areas can be very simple such as a procedure or document area or very complex, such as a full scale online educational system.

  • Core login system – from £500
  • Client access pages – £300 a page
  • Client manager setup – £50
  • File sharing – from £400
  • Private messaging – £50
  • Client groups – £150
  • Estimate and invoicing – £1000
  • Project feedback – from £500
  • SMS text alerts – from £100
  • Paid access – from £1000

How can we help you?

We can bring your business a modern, professional website on a budget.  We will need a minimum input from yourselves, then you can leave the rest to us to create you a website that you can be proud of!

Why is your website important?

Websites are not just for gaining customers, but also for giving you a professional image to win the high quality tenders and customers looking for an exceptional service.

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Our clients have trusted us to deliver websites that dominate their competition, with minimal hassle or overhead on time and resources.  We will help you instruct us to create you a visually impressive and interactive website, no matter how simple or complex.  We like to deliver websites that outshine even the global competition for your industry.  We are not competitive at all...much!

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It is a great feeling when not only do you deliver everything you promised, but you also go that extra mile for your clients.  You can assure you will be looked after at Jungle Drums Websites and we will do everything possible to help and advise you not only throughout your web project, but also in your aftercare.  Every client is important to us.

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We listen to what you would like to achieve and the goals and objectives of your company.  The website and online presence is a powerful element to helping you accomplish your targets.  We will help you with ideas to keep growing your website functionality and giving your customers and potential customers a unique experience with your company.