Appointment Booking Websites

Just think how much time to spend booking in clients and customers and editing or canceling bookings?  How much is that time worth?  Creating the ability to book appointments online, not only will give your customers or clients the ability to book instantly with your business from your website at any time of day or night.  But will also save you time in dealing with booking, managing, editing or canceling appointments.   Saving you money!

Having your own bespoke website with online appointments and scheduling functionality, will allow you to set a schedule of available appointments with simplicity and ease.

How does online appointment booking work?

Simple to use, powerful results

We believe we can teach anyone how to administer their own online appointment bookings.  There is no need to pay third-parties fees and yearly premiums for the lifetime of your company.  Short-term these fee may be reasonable, but when accumulated over several years, you are giving away a lot of your hard earned income.  When you invest in an online appointment booking website, you own the website and the website becomes your company asset.  Owning your own appointment booking website gives you control to customise your bookings for your customers, expand your company, create instant offers and create and market specific services.

Online appointment booking features
  • Fixed time slot availability 
  • Filter bookings
  • Group bookings  
  • Dynamic appointments
  • Custom appointment costings
  • Check availability option
  • Calendar view
  • Overnight bookings
  • Custom booking forms
  • Administrator editing
  • Maximum bookings option
  • Mobile friendly
  • Customer defined dates
  • Requires confirmation option
  • Maintenance packages
  • Appointment approval option

Let customers book an appointment online

Never let your new customers go elsewhere because you was not available to make the appointment

We want you to be successful!  We want your business to grow!  We want you to have the best online tools to do that!  We are all about forming a relationship with you and helping you own a website that you can be proud of and that works for you.  Allowing your customers to book their appointments online allows them to browse availability without feeling pressured to select a date or time.  Often customers are impulsive and getting that appointment booked at anytime of day or night can be critical to filling your appointments.

Never miss an opportunity to book your new customer in for your services.

Ever gone to another company because the one you rang didn’t answer the phone?

It is essential to get a booking when the customer makes the decision to make the appointment.

Are appointment websites easy to manage?

Full training and support given

Are you the owner of a salon, garage, clinic, educational support, consultancy, training, lecturing, dog walking, cleaning company etc?  No matter what your ability or background, we can help you setup your first appointments.  Once you have received your training you will be able to add and manage your appointments using our simplified admin dashboard.  Just incase you do forget something or get stuck, we are on hand only a phone call away!

  • Main website – from £1000
  • Appointment CMS – from £1000
  • Additional pages – £200 a page
  • News blog – £400
  • Gallery with categories – £400
  • Slider banner – £50
  • Logo creation – £150
  • Extra management – from £50
  • Content writing – £50 a page
  • Conditional logic – from £100
  • YouTube integration – from £50
  • Facebook feeds – from £300

How can we help you?

We can bring your business a modern, professional website on a budget.  We will need a minimum input from yourselves, then you can leave the rest to us to create you a website that you can be proud of!

Why is your website important?

Websites are not just for gaining customers, but also for giving you a professional image to win the high quality tenders and customers looking for an exceptional service.

Our guarantees


We guarantee what we convey, and convey what we guarantee.  Continually endeavoring to surpass your expectations to build a future professional relationship.



Quality technology experts

Our affirmed web experts keep finding out about the most recent and forthcoming technologies, guaranteeing that our customers get quality, result-driven system.


Why choose Jungle Drums Websites?

Our clients have trusted us to deliver websites that dominate their competition, with minimal hassle or overhead on time and resources.  We will help you instruct us to create you a visually impressive and interactive website, no matter how simple or complex.  We like to deliver websites that outshine even the global competition for your industry.  We are not competitive at all...much!

We will smash your expectations

It is a great feeling when not only do you deliver everything you promised, but you also go that extra mile for your clients.  You can assure you will be looked after at Jungle Drums Websites and we will do everything possible to help and advise you not only throughout your web project, but also in your aftercare.  Every client is important to us.

Achieving your business goals

We listen to what you would like to achieve and the goals and objectives of your company.  The website and online presence is a powerful element to helping you accomplish your targets.  We will help you with ideas to keep growing your website functionality and giving your customers and potential customers a unique experience with your company.