Social Media Graphics

We can support you with your social media and give you professional branded graphics for your posts.  Many companies opt to keep their social media in-house.  This can have its pros and cons and we would always recommend a professional service, but if it is your only option we offer a comprise!  We can generate generic professionally branded graphics for your social media, using your logo, company images, your product photos or photographs of your services, in addition to quality stock images if necessary.

What kind of social media graphics do I need?

In-house posts with professional graphics

We can give all your social media platforms a professional overhaul using your company branding, logo and company images.  Having professional profile images is critical, but also they images you use in posts are very important too.  Customers and potential customers will invest in your products and services when they know you invest in your own company marketing.  First impressions are lasting impressions and a company’s public image should always reflect the professionalism of your company.

Types of social media graphics
  • Facebook cover image
  • Facebook profile image
  • Facebook story image
  • Facebook post images
  • Twitter banner image
  • Twitter profile circle
  • Twitter tweet images
  • LinkedIn post images 
  • Instagram profile image
  • Instagram post images
  • Google + header
  • Google + profile circle
  • Google + post images
  • Pinterest profile circle
  • Pinterest post images
  • LinkedIn header image

Do I need a social media manager?

Never under estimate the power of professional social media

Social media is a very powerful tool and can account for over 50% of traffic to your website.  It is used not only for gaining more customers to your website, but also increasing brand awareness, sharing examples of your expertise and giving your audience important knowledge about your company, its products and services.  Outsourcing your social media setup and / or postings to a specialised company will save your time and hit current trends, so you can focus on results.

Social media specialists invest a great deal of time evaluating the results of trends, to ensure your investment achieves results.

Are you aware of current trends in social media?

We can assure your social media posts not only showcase your company in a professional way, but also keep on topic of current trends and marketing strategies.

How much do social media graphics cost?

Low cost for essential marketing and branding

Every business needs to evaluate what marketing costs are the most effective for the amount of money spent.  Social media is one of the most cost effective way of driving your online presence for your company and gaining interaction and feedback from your customers.  Consider the cost of professionally created graphics and the immediate visual impact they have on your users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Header banner – £50
  • Profile image – £25
  • Bespoke graphics – from £50
  • Post pack 1 – £80
  • Post pack 2 – £150
  • Post pack 3 – £210

How can we help you?

We can bring your business a modern, professional website on a budget.  We will need a minimum input from yourselves, then you can leave the rest to us to create you a website that you can be proud of!

Why is your website important?

Websites are not just for gaining customers, but also for giving you a professional image to win the high quality tenders and customers looking for an exceptional service.

Our guarantees


We guarantee what we convey, and convey what we guarantee.  Continually endeavoring to surpass your expectations to build a future professional relationship.



Quality technology experts

Our affirmed web experts keep finding out about the most recent and forthcoming technologies, guaranteeing that our customers get quality, result-driven system.


Why choose Jungle Drums Websites?

Our clients have trusted us to deliver websites that dominate their competition, with minimal hassle or overhead on time and resources.  We will help you instruct us to create you a visually impressive and interactive website, no matter how simple or complex.  We like to deliver websites that outshine even the global competition for your industry.  We are not competitive at all...much!

We will smash your expectations

It is a great feeling when not only do you deliver everything you promised, but you also go that extra mile for your clients.  You can assure you will be looked after at Jungle Drums Websites and we will do everything possible to help and advise you not only throughout your web project, but also in your aftercare.  Every client is important to us.

Achieving your business goals

We listen to what you would like to achieve and the goals and objectives of your company.  The website and online presence is a powerful element to helping you accomplish your targets.  We will help you with ideas to keep growing your website functionality and giving your customers and potential customers a unique experience with your company.