Logo Design or Refresh

A professional logo can have a big impact on creating customer awareness and familiarity.  Companies either get it right first time, or the use a redesign as an opportunity to generate new brand awareness.  Think of some of the global companies you use every week.  Can you recall their logos?  The logos we see most, we recall better, but we also remember the most simplistic logos such as Apple or Nike.  Logos do generally stay the same throughout the lifetime of a company, but it is accepted to refresh how the design is rendered, to keep impact and optimism display using the latest technology.

A new logo of logo refresh breathes new life into your company branding and can pay off significantly for many years to come.

Time for a new company logo?

We can get it right for you

When considering a new logo or refresh for your company you should consider the reasons, as this will help guide the design process to deliver you fantastic results.  It is essential for a new company to have a logo, it is like giving a new baby a name.  It will become your identity for many years.  Yet at the birth of many new companies, budgets are limited and their first logo tends to be a temporary quick fix option.  This is OK, but getting your logo professionally created in a vector format is important for future print and signage.  Existing companies tend to get their logo refreshed or redesigned on growth or as apart of a new marketing campaign to intimidate competition and retain customers.

Reasons for requiring a new logo or logo refresh
  • Business employee expansion
  • Large contract wins
  • New depots or headquarters
  • New products or ranges
  • Marketing campaign
  • Logo brand awareness
  • New competition
  • Competitor expansion
  • Logo modernisation
  • New audience type
  • Mission or value changes
  • Logo colour changes
  • Management changes
  • Branding specialist help
  • Logo digitalisation
  • Making print easier

No idea what logo design you want?

We will help guide you to a perfect logo design

There are several ways to approach a new logo design.  The most simplistic, is to get your logo refreshed. This could involve adding typography, changing colours or simplifying your artwork.  Let us help identify why your current logo is not working and what your would like to achieve from your new logo.  There maybe elements of your old logo that you would like to keep, but tweak slightly to fit the new design. Ready for a full redesign?  We can give your logo modernised typography and bold visual design.

Your logo design can make a huge difference to the quality of your corporate print, signage and online presence.

Do your customers have a strong association with your logo?

It can be challenging to redesign a familiar logo to your customers, we can add a refresh without a dramatic change.

What does a new logo or logo redesign cost?

Never cut corners on your company branding and identity

An average logo redesign costs between £150 – £750 for a small to medium business and £750 – £1000 for large corporations, as there is far more documentation and hoops to jump through for drafts and approvals.  A global corporation spends £6000 – £10,000 on their branding and logo creation, but this always with a team of branding specialists.  An average startup company spends around £150 and £300 on their new logo, following with a logo refresh after the first twelve months.  So how much should you spend on your company logo?  We give several options to creating a logo design for you to ensure there is an option for everyone, no matter what your budget is.

  • Basic typography logo – from £50
  • Basic logo design – from £100
  • Custom basic logo – from £150
  • Bespoke logo – from £250
  • 3D logo – from £500
  • Brand guide – £200
  • Social media logo kit – £200
  • Premium logo – from £1000
  • Logo invert – from £50
  • Additional concepts – from £50

All logos come with 2 design concepts and a vector file

How can we help you?

We can bring your business a modern, professional website on a budget.  We will need a minimum input from yourselves, then you can leave the rest to us to create you a website that you can be proud of!

Why is your website important?

Websites are not just for gaining customers, but also for giving you a professional image to win the high quality tenders and customers looking for an exceptional service.

Our guarantees


We guarantee what we convey, and convey what we guarantee.  Continually endeavoring to surpass your expectations to build a future professional relationship.



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Our affirmed web experts keep finding out about the most recent and forthcoming technologies, guaranteeing that our customers get quality, result-driven system.


Why choose Jungle Drums Websites?

Our clients have trusted us to deliver websites that dominate their competition, with minimal hassle or overhead on time and resources.  We will help you instruct us to create you a visually impressive and interactive website, no matter how simple or complex.  We like to deliver websites that outshine even the global competition for your industry.  We are not competitive at all...much!

We will smash your expectations

It is a great feeling when not only do you deliver everything you promised, but you also go that extra mile for your clients.  You can assure you will be looked after at Jungle Drums Websites and we will do everything possible to help and advise you not only throughout your web project, but also in your aftercare.  Every client is important to us.

Achieving your business goals

We listen to what you would like to achieve and the goals and objectives of your company.  The website and online presence is a powerful element to helping you accomplish your targets.  We will help you with ideas to keep growing your website functionality and giving your customers and potential customers a unique experience with your company.