Services at Jungle Drums Websites

Jungle Drums Websites offers a full array of services to support your business.  We not only help you own a fantastic modernised fresh website, but we can also deliver online marketing solutions, print and signage and assist with your social media.  We strive to support you with a customise package that suits your requirements, target audience and business goals.  We only sell what you need!

Not sure what would be beneficial to your company?

We offer free consultation to help you identify your business goals

Buy cheap, buy twice!  

We offer fair prices and high professional quality.

We love building a trusting and professional relationship with our clients.  It is our pleasure to help you achieve high quality results that will impress your customers.

Professional advice on your website requirements

Did you know that Google will rank your website higher if it is built to the correct standards?  Many cheaper alternative websites fail because they do not conform to  compliance or industry standards.  At Jungle Drums Websites, we not only build professional websites, but we will give you help and support in ensuring your website is compliant and built for the human user and search engines.


Limited company compliance

As a limited company, you are legally required to display certain company information on your website.  Failure to do so can result in a fine or penalty.


Regular updates improve rankings

Fresh relative content on a regular basis on your website will improve your rankings.

Shared server hosting can be detrimental

Hosting your website on cheap shared servers can put your website in a ‘bad neighbourhood’.  Not only are the server resources often limited, but the IP of the server is often blacklisted or compromised.


Website speed effects your rankings

A slow loading website will rank lower than a faster website in search engines such as Google.

SSL technology gives security and better rankings

Having your website on https, as oppose to http will not only help protect your website, but will also improve rankings.


Content is king

The content of your website is critical to how your website is ranked.  Each page should have at least 800 words of content rich text.