Quick post for you video marketers. Captions on your videos is a must! How do you do your video captions?

Many people are watching trending videos on different social media platforms.  It is becoming quite a thing to to brave the camera and talk directly to your audience about what you do or how you can help.  There is just one problem!  Most people that browse social media networks automatically have the sound turned off or will watch the first few seconds of your video before making a choice to watch it or not.  It is vital that you add subtitles to you videos to grab people’s attention in that first few seconds or so they can watch your video without needing to turn the sound on.
One method is to:
Use rev.com to create the .srt (costs $1 a minute)
Use free software Handbreak to merge the video and srt
Watch the following video for instructions, fast forward it to 2:38
This will save you loads of time if you do not have time to spare.