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Not sure what would be beneficial to your company?

We offer free consultation to help you identify your business goals

Buy cheap, buy twice!  

We offer fair prices and high professional quality.

We love building a trusting and professional relationship with our clients.  It is our pleasure to help you achieve high quality results that will impress your customers.

Professional advice on your website requirements

We can help Google to rank your website higher by designing it to the correct standards.  Many cheaper alternative websites fail because they do not conform to  compliance or industry standards.  At Jungle Drums Websites in Leigh, we not only design and build professional websites, but we will give you help and support in ensuring your website design is compliant and built for the human user and search engines. We work with companies throughout the UK, but we also closely cover Leigh, Manchester Bolton, Warrington, Liverpool and Lancashire.


Limited company compliance

As a limited company, you are legally required to display certain company information on your website.  Failure to do so can result in a fine or penalty.


Regular updates improve rankings

Fresh relative content on a regular basis on your website will improve your rankings.

Shared server hosting can be detrimental

Hosting your website on cheap shared servers can put your website in a ‘bad neighbourhood’.  Not only are the server resources often limited, but the IP of the server is often blacklisted or compromised.


Website speed effects your rankings

A slow loading website will rank lower than a faster website in search engines such as Google.

SSL technology gives security and better rankings

Having your website on https, as oppose to http will not only help protect your website, but will also improve rankings.


Content is king

The content of your website is critical to how your website is ranked.  Each page should have at least 800 words of content rich text.

Website Design

We can help give you advice about creating or renewing your website to gain more customers through your website.


Let us help you understand the different options in simple terms, when it comes to getting your website seen in search engines and Google.

Social Media

Do you want to market your business through social media or do you need someone to do it for you?  Let us help put you on the right track.

What does a business website cost?

Like most things, you get what you pay for.  The world of websites is a minefield, as there are many people who are not professionals creating template sites cheaply, but they don’t know how to fix them when things go wrong.  With Jungle Drums websites, you know you have a qualified and experienced top web developer, who can look after your website for many years to come.  Giving you a solid investment and reassurance that your website will be the best and maintained to the highest standard.

Holding Page

A holding page is a simple small one page website, that lets your customers know a new website is on its way.  It can also be used as a cheap solution when starting a company until you have the funds to create a more substantial website.


Custom Website

A website needs a certain amount of content to start building rankings in search engines, such as Google.  Our websites are rich in interactivity, impact and content.  We recommend a minimum of five pages, plus compliance pages.


Sell Online

Do you want to start selling your products or services online?  We can make it simple and create an ecommerce website for you that is easy to manage with a simple admin panel.  View and dispatch orders in a click of a button.


Blog / News

A holding page is a simple small one page website, that lets your customers know a new website is on its way.  It can also be used as a cheap solution when starting a company until you have the funds to create a more substantial website.


Online Catalogue

Do you have products or services you want to showcase on your website but do not need your customers to buy online?  Maybe you want to start by showing some products and want to add ecommerce at a later date.



Would it be beneficial to take bookings online?  We can add an easy to use booking system on to your website that will allow customers to book and manage their appointments or dates for your scheduled services.


UK Based Developers

We do not outsource our website development work.  All website development is done in-house by the person you are allocated for your project.

Good reputation

Jungle Drums Websites pride ourselves on a good reputation for high standard and well maintained websites.  We are proud to display all of our work as examples of our impeccable high standards.

5* customer service

We would not be a company without our customers.  That is why we treat our customers with the respect and time they deserve.  As a Jungle Drums Websites customer, you can be assured that you will be looked after.

Qualified experts

Our developers all have higher education qualifications in Web Development.  With a minimum of a BSc Hons degree, you can be assured that your website will be built to the highest standards.

Fast VPS Servers

Our servers are supported by an expert technical team and boast fast memory and CPU processors.  Delivering your website faster and improving your rankings as a result!

Short lead time

We can rebuild or create your website within a matter of weeks!  No need for a long drawn-out processes.  We have put our expertise into creating a platform that is fast to work with and get your website live quickly.

Keep it simple

It is our job to look after all the technicalities when it comes to your new website.  Our experts can help with a multitude of technical issues, from domains to emails.  We will keep the whole process simple for you.

Competitive prices

We know how important it is invest in a good quality website, but we don’t charge the earth for it!  Our prices are fair and worth every hour spent on your website and SEO to improve your business and keep your customers informed.

What do you need to know when buying a new website!

It is important that you understand some of the pitfalls when investing in a new website.  At Jungle Drums Websites, we like to make sure our customers understand why they are better choosing us as their developers, above other cheaper, but less quality companies.  We don’t mind who you choose to do your website and look after your internet presence, as long as you do not get stung and ripped off like many people that end up coming to us after they have learnt the hard way.

Are your developers qualified?

Web development is one of them industries where you do not have to have qualifications or be accredited.  As a result, there are a lot of people out there running website design companies, that haven’t got a clue or outsource the work to other cheaper countries without your knowledge.  Please always ask what qualifications your developer has.  You should be looking for a technical BSc Hons degree at the very least.

Will my website be outsourced?

Be bold and ask the direct question, who will be building my website?  It is important you know who is building your website.   You maybe find with the work being outsourced, but at least know if it is and who will fix the site should things go wrong in the future.  When it comes to the website design and build, we always recommend that the work is done in-house.  Where possible go and meet your developer and make sure they are knowledgable in their field.


What do the costs include?

There are so many different elements to creating a website, you may presume something is included, only later to discover it is extra and not provided at all.

Things that need taking into account:

  • Is hosting included?
  • What security is included?
  • Can I include and future updates or maintenance?
  • Do you include future support?
  • Does it include any onsite SEO?
  • What changes can you make before it goes live?
  • Does it include any CMS (content management system)?
  • What happens if my site gets hacked?
  • Does it include the domain name?
  • Are emails included?
  • Does it include backups?



Where is my developer located?

It is always better if you can meet your developer face to face.  Do not always presume that your developer works in the same location as the company you purchased your website from.

Do they have technical experience?

Ask how long your developer has been creating websites.  In the past five years, unqualified and inexperienced website designers have been popping up all over the place, using templates and outsourcing projects abroad.  You will know if you have a good website designer if they have been in the industry longer than five years, before all the template builders became mainstream.



Do they have a LinkedIn history?


Ask to see their LinkedIn profile.  It will be evident by their previous companies and roles if they have been in the website industry for a while.  Check for reviews and what kind of articles they produce on LinkedIn.


Can they show you other websites?

Take the time to look at the standard of the other websites they have done recently.  It may seem an obvious question, but check they have done the websites themselves!  A good website should look good on both mobile and desktop and display a good quality header and footer.  The content should be layout in a section by section manner, that is easy the scan through.  If there are things like un-styled bullet lists or large blocks of text, I would stay well clear.

When looking at other websites ask yourself:

  • Do you like the design of the website?
  • Is there impact and do they look professional?
  • Do they load fast?
  • How do they look on a mobile?
  • Is there enough information on the pages?
  • Is there any movement or animation?
  • Do they have the wow factor?



How long will it take?

Although you wouldn’t expect your website to be started immediately, you would certainly expect a good idea of when it will be completed.  The biggest delay in going live with your website, is waiting on content being provided by you the customer.  Ask how long it would take if they had all the content and what the deadlines are for providing content.

What content do they need for the website?


It is difficult for the customers to know what kind of text and images a website needs.  If this is a new website, ask how they will help you provide the text and images.

Useful questions:

  • Are any stock images included in the price?
  • Do you need any images or video providing?
  • Will the headers be provided?
  • How will you know what text to send?
  • Will they produce a content guide specific to your website?



What happens when there are delays?


We understand life and business gets in the way, but ask the question ‘what happens to my project if I’m too busy to provide the content?’.  A good developer will always have a backup plan to helping a customer get their content written, so the website can be completed and go live.


What is included our web design packages?

At Jungle Drums Websites, we offer complete web design bundles and package that suit your needs and budget.  Different customers have different requirements.  Wether you want a fully managed website that you can forget about and trust it is being looked after or you would prefer a more hands-on approach and help contribute to your website via the CMS, like a blog for example.  Jungle Drums Websites can create you a custom package for your needs.


Free domain

Get a free domain for 12 months or for the lifetime of your hosting & maintenance with us.


Unlimited revisions

We are happy to edit your website as many times as you need, until you are completely happy with it before going live.

Fast hosting

The faster your server, the better your SEO score will be.  Resulting in a better placement in the search engine rankings.


Onsite SEO

Your website will be built with onsite SEO.  Every page will conform to SEO elements that will help boost your rankings.

Custom Design

We don’t use template sites, as they are full or errors.  We will create a site that is robust and unique, especially for your company.

Mobile Friendly

All of our sites are designed to be viewed on mobile phones, as well as desktops.

Email Advice

We like to keep you in control of your emails, we will help give you support to setup your email with a well known provider.

Visitor Stats

We use Google Analytics to view the traffic on your website and where your viewers are coming from.

Free Consultation

Do you need professional advice on the best way to invest in your website and ensure it lasts for years?

Bells and Whistles

As standard you will get an interactive contact form and Google maps, plus many more.


Content Support

We will support you in providing the right quality and amount of text for your website to ensure a high standard.


All of our sites come with 3 months free hosting and maintenance, so you can be assured there are no teething issues.

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